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Children's Book Author, Writer and Television ProducerChildren's Book Author, Writer and Television Producer

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My books are my babies, created out of love, nurtured in their growth and set free with a prayer to become honest expressions of me.

 There is no greater feeling than the one that comes from being lost in story ideas inspired by the hearts, dreams and desires of the characters. When I create well-crafted, nuanced characters, the stories write themselves with very little effort from me!

With that said, now it's time to get silly...

It's not easy being a bunny


Sick of being a bunny, P.J. Funnybunny takes off to become a bear.

Hibernation gets dull, so he tries being a bird.  And so it goes, with beavers, pigs, possums and skunks-till P.J. realizes that bunnyhood is for him.  The short, repeating text is ideal for beginners and the right, humorous cartoons will get immediate attention.
School Library Journal

P.J. Funnybunny camps out


Camping is not for girls, right?

At least that's what P.J. and his pals tell Honey Bunny and Donna Duck when they want to tag along on a camping trip.  But when two mysterious ghosts frighten the boys in their tent late at night, they make a mad dash for home with a multitude of excuses for P.J.'s mom.  Only Honey Bunny and Donna Duck know the true story, however.

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P.j. funnybunny's bag of tricks


P.J. Funnybunny's dad surprises him with a magic kit!

P.J. studies his handbook and practices his tricks in front of his family and friends until he has mastered them all. So why are they bored with his magic act?   P.J. decides to show them his best trick of all, and suddenly everyone is interested again.

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HOney bunny funnybunny


It's not easy being P.J. Funnybunny's little sister.

Like most brothers, P.J. likes to tease his sister.  But the jokes stop short when P.J. paints the sleeping Honey Bunny's face bright green in the middle of the night.  Mr. and Mrs. Funnybunny are hopping mad. From now on, things are going to be different around the Funnybunny household! But does Honey Bunny really want everything to change?

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The very bad bunny


"You are a very bad bunny!' says P.J.'s mom one day.

P.J. is constantly spilling and breaking things. The Funnybunnies think he is the worst bunny they have ever seen-until his cousin, Binky, comes to visit and shows them what naughty truly looks like.

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money, money, honey bunny!


Honey Bunny Funnybunny has lots and lots of money.

Some she saves, some she spends on herself and some she spends on her friends.  In this rhyming book about spending and saving, the bear gets a chair, the fly gets some pie and, of course, the fox gets some socks. But in the end, Honey Bunny still has money left to put in her little piggy bank.

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ten eggs in a nest


Gwen the hen has laid her eggs, but just how many is anyone's guess.

For now, she's quite content to sit and wait for them to hatch. Red Rooster, however, is too excited to wait. As soon as one egg hatches, he struts over to Worm World and buys ONE worm for his ONE new baby chick. Alas, Red returns to find that not ONE new baby chick, but TWO baby chicks have now hatched, requiring a return trip to Worm World. The hijinks continue back and forth until ten eggs have hatched, Red Rooster is ready to plotz, and young readers have learned a thing or two about ONE: counting to ten; TWO: simple addition; THREE: buying and selling; and FOUR: chickens and eggs! With stylized illustrations by Michael Fleming reminiscent of classic Beginner Books, this is a perfect choice. -Random House

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charlie piechart and the case of the missing pizza slice


This mystery is ¼ pepperoni and ¾ fun!

Marilyn Sadler and Eric Comstock have teamed up to write a book that combines two concepts, one that children love and one they are more likely to hate. Most children love pizza, and many children have math anxiety. This brand new book combines these two subjects to create an interactive mystery appropriate for children ages 4-8.

The artistic style is unique and resembles a collage and animation. This was Eric Comstock’s first children’s book, but a look at his website makes it clear that his modernized Picasso shapes and characters are very appropriate for children’s literature. The typography including speech bubbles, magnifying glasses, detective journals and pie charts invite the reader to interact with the text and the illustrations. The images and text relate to each other very well. The motif of the pie chart, pizza, and shapes reinforce the mathematical concepts Sadler and Comstock integrate into their story.

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charlie piechart and the case of the missing hat


Lovable, circular Charlie Piechart is back with a new mystery, this time one designed to teach us about shapes.

Along with his sidekick dog, Watson, Charlie is tasked with finding his friend Margot’s hat, a necessary prop for the school play (and a perfect cone). In this quest not only do we learn about shapes but also the importance of clues. The simplistic look of the characters and the monochromatic colors place the emphasis on the shape theme, while sidebars add definitions and examples. Shapes are both front and center and tucked away in bulletin boards and costumes. The final pages review the shapes shown, offer a challenge to readers, and give directions for making a princess hat and a rocket (powered by hand). 

 — Booklist

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charlie piechart and the case of the missing dog


It’s puppy primping time! Watson the dog has an appointment at the Dirty Dog Salon at 4:15 P.M...but no one can find him!

Follow the clock as time runs out to find Watson the Dog in this third Charlie Piechart mystery. Spotting clues, from pink nail polish to cookie crumbs, Charlie and his pal Lewis are determined to get Watson to the groomers for his shampoo and haircut. Can they race against the clock and find him with enough time to make the appointment? Complete with visual sidebars that illustrate the elapsing and remaining time, the third picture book mystery in the Charlie Piechart series is the perfect addition to any K-2 classroom or at-home library. Young math enthusiasts and time-keepers will adore this actioned-packed treat!

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alice from dallas


Giddyup! Alice, the cowgirl from Dallas, may be only from Dallas, Pennsylvania, but she’s ready for a hoedown, a roundup, and a showdown.

Undeterred by the truth, she croons cowgirl songs, struts her spurs around school, and takes her classmates on rollicking imaginary stagecoach rides. Happy as a Stetson-hat-wearing clam as the only cowgirl in town, she is upset by the arrival of Lexis from Texas, a big-haired blonde who lassos like nobody’s business. Soon everyone wants to sing around the campfire with Lexis, and Alice decides it’s time for a showdown. When trying to match Alice’s Texas Two-Step lands Lexis with an injured ankle, Alice has to decide if there’s room enough for both of them after all.

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tony baroni loves macaroni


Picky eaters everywhere will identify with young Tony, who will eat nothing but macaroni.

This charming tale about a limited palette that is expanded, step-by-step, on a tour through noodle-dom is told in singsong verse. The importance of a balanced diet is addressed ever so subtly in this engaging story.

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pass it on


Sadler gives cockamamie treatment to this barnyard variant on the game of telephone.

“Who knew pigs were such telephone fanatics? Or bees, cows and dogs for that matter — all of them equally apt to get everything wrong. In this rendition of barnyard telephone, events are spurred into motion when a cow gets stuck on a fence (by her rump; it’s that kind of book). When Bee tells Frog to pass the news along, the frog senselessly alters the message: “Cow put a duck in the tent. Pass it on!” he tells a bewildered pig. Each message is escalated into greater heights — or depths — of absurdity, gleefully depicted in Slack’s retro Tibor Gergely-style illustrations. In the end, Pig helps set things right.”— The New York Times

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Bobo Crazy (Zenon, girl of the 21st century)


Meet Zenon Kar, a futuristic fifth grader who lives in a space station high above Earth.

She's the star of a chapter book series and a #1-rated series of Disney Channel movies. Pets aren't allowed on Zenon's space station, so she becomes caught up in a craze for a robotic dog called a Tobo. Tobo dogs talk, fly, and even do homework. Every kid on the space station is getting one, but Zenon's dad buys her a cheap knockoff instead -- a Bobo, which has no ears, no tail, and no vocabulary! But what Bobo lacks in brains, he makes up for in loyalty. And when the Tobo dogs go haywire, Zenon's Bobo dog bravely saves the day!

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Zenon Kar, Spaceball Star (Zenon, Girl of the 21st Century)


Zenon is so excited! She made the spaceball team!

Spaceball is a kind of zero-gravity volleyball. Players wear jet-packs to zoom around the court. Unfortunately, Zenon's not so good at it.  Game after game, she sits on the bench.  Her only hope is Grebba Kahn, who offers to help Zenon with her moves.  But Zenon's friends don't like Grebba. They call her "the Hulk".  Now Zenon worries, If I start hanging out with Grebba, what will my friends call ME!  Created by a past recipient of the IRA Classroom Choice Award.

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The Trouble with Fun (Zenon Girl of the 21st Century)


When an important Earth scientist visits Space Station 9, Zenon agrees to entertain his daughter, Teena.

At first Zee’s job is easy. Teena seems polite and well behaved. But when the adults turn their backs, she changes completely! All Teena cares about is having fun, even if it means breaking all sorts of space station rules. Written by the award-winning who creator of P.J. Funnybunny and Alistair Grittle series of children's books.

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Stuck on Earth (zenon, girl of the 21st century)


Zenon’s teacher, Mr. Peres, leads her fifth-grade class on a very special field trip off Space Station 9.

But when she gets separated from the group, Zenon finds out what it’s like to be stuck on Earth! 

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The Parakeet Girl


Kids who like to laugh will love "The Parakeet Girl".

Emma Tuttle goes everywhere with her pet bird, Henry, on top of her head. But when Henry's fancies turn to a pretty parakeet named Kate, Emma finds herself birdless and blue. Until, that is, she hears an unfamiliar peep-peep from Henry and Kate's cage...   

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